Masterclass Balance your Energy!

Welcome to this magnificent Masterclass where we work on 'How to balance your energy'. Sign up now to receive a full hour of energy management by Nicole Coaching.

Let's start with some insights about energy work. We exist out of energy, everything is energy, so we better become more aware of how to live aligned with our inner-world & outer-world.

Our bodies are the ones living this life and our mind sometimes wants to take control, where our emotional system can be out of balance if we neglect it. Does this sounds familiar to you?

Where triggers, past events, family patterns, unhealthy relationships, lack of self-love, a low self-esteem, insecurity and fears run your daily life?

Let's get back in shape, in our holistic shape! Which means we balance and manage our daily routines and by doing so we make peace with our past. The real inner-work is basicly very practical and needs attention, guidance, love, focus, support and healing. Only if we do so, we are capable to live in the now and start to fully focus on living our dreams.



Letting go is not easy. Specially if you don't know how or what to let go. Can you tune in and become conscious about what energy you may let go off? This is where we start, we detox ourselves from old energy that does not serve us anymore.

  • Physical release by loosing stagnant resistance
  • Releasing mental blocks & negativity
  • Emotional drama-> errors-> we LET  GO
  • Spiritual unconscious lack we stop


Life starts when we accept where and who we are. Our true selves. We embrace everything that comes our way. This is a UGE shift in mindset and perception. Therefor you may receive professional guidance to re-wire your beliefs, norms, values, routines, habits. This is the only way to come to:

  • Self acceptance
  • Time to breathe
  • LIFE
  • Space and transformation time to heal


When awareness is there, we allow ourselves to gain new energy with healthy and bright focus. From this place we own everything we are, as above from below, inner to outer, this is the place where your inner-work may transform into new creations, goals, dreams, pleasures and purpose:

  • Balanced and healthy
  • With divine focus
  • Fulfilling and satisfying
  • Grateful and with compassion
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