Personal training

Be fit in body & mind

Personal Training

Have a wonderful moment for yourself. With the good times and the bad times. Learn how to deal with life by taking control of your energy. What is happening inside of you? What do you need? Are you listening enough to what you really need?

Lifestyle coaching by Nicole means not to make your life ‘ look’  better to work on some extra outside features and quick fixes. We all do this every day and you know this is not working! To know what you need or want you really have to connect with your heart and feelings. That’s why the real work comes from within. We are all energy, your body is filled up with energy from the past, the now and your desires for your future. Let’s put your energy and life in a profile and work on some stuff you want to release: Letting go! Here for we create new space, this space you may fill up with your needs to create for your future.

Personal Training in an ultimate multidimensional way! Sport activities to move the body. Mindfulness to feed the mind in a healthy way. Connecting with your emotions in a safe environment where you can release them. Above all feel your heart desire and purpose to maintain happiness in your life.

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– Be the change you want to see in this world –

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